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Forensic Data Recovery

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PC Fixer is able to perform electronic discovery on almost any kind of computer device to recover lost or hidden data.

When you face the loss of data, PC Fixer is at hand to provide you with speedy recovery onsite at your business or home. Whether you are missing data because of accidental deletion or from damage to your hardware, our technicians are well-trained in retrieving your files. Call us before noon and we can be at your location within four hours, anywhere in the Los Angeles area.

The computer repair experts at PC Fixer are also highly skilled at recovering lost and damaged data quickly and affordably, one byte at a time. We offer our quality data recovery services at reasonable prices. If your loss is due to hardware damage, overwritten files, corrupt partitions, our expert staff will solve the problem and retrieve your data. We can recommend ways of keeping backup records, selecting suitable secondary storage media for your needs, along with salvaging your precious information. When you need us at your office or home, we can be there at your convenience.

When material is accidentally deleted on a major scale, when a partition on a disk drive has been corrupted, when files are lost due to hardware damage or media errors, the technicians of PC Fixer have the expertise to salvage your files and recover the data. Our onsite service is designed to give you peace of mind regarding the recovery of you important work.

We are ready to deal with any potential problem:

  • Loss due to hardware damage
  • Overwritten data
  • Accidental deletions
  • Corrupt partitions and file systems
  • Media errors
  • Error detection and correction
  • And so much more!

Our experienced professionals can recover data from almost all media types –

  • Floppy disks
  • Thumb drives
  • CD-ROM
  • Flash memory
  • Notebook hard drives
  • ATA/SATA hard drives
  • RAID systems

Whatever data storage device you have, old or new, our experts will work to retrieve your files. Contact PC Fixer today, and get back all that data you though lost in a by-passed technology bog.

Electronic Discovery and Forensic Data Recovery

PC Fixer’s experts can also provide computer forensics and electronic discovery services with excellent customer service. Clients have many reasons for needing to search through data files and computer usage: searching for documents after the original user has died, gathering all pertinent materials for corporate presentations, or verifying usage of shared files. There are, of course, the less amiable needs for computer forensics: divorce cases, civil litigation, private investigations, employee evaluations, or even supervision of the computer use of minor children.

The specialists at PC Fixer are trained in finding and revealing various types of data:

  • Internet history reporting
  • Email discovery (including use of multiple email addresses)
  • Chat history reporting
  • Keyword searches
  • Time lines
  • Password cracking
  • Electronic discovery of deleted or hidden files

Whatever your concerns are about hidden data or unknown computer usage, the professionals at PC Fixer can help you uncover the information. If it is on the computer, we can find it.

PC Fixer's qualified experts can also guide and assist you with your Cell Phone Forensic needs. We can pull pictures, phone numbers, and text messages from most cell phones including Blackberrys, Smart Phones, iPhones, and more. Do you think you lost everything? Did you drop your phone in the water? Did you smash your phone? We can help.

Our computer forensic experts at PC Fixer are ready to help you throughout the United States as well as in most California Metropolitan areas including Los Angeles (LA), San Diego, San Francisco, Fremont, Sacramento, and Redding.

Please ask about our Government, Law Enforcement, Education, Non-Profit and contract discounts.

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