Preventing Computer Viruses

Taking Steps To Avoid Repairs

A well prepared computer support company is ready to assist you with the threats from computer viruses that are increasing at an alarming rate. Erick Eckel technology professional states, “Oh, the deck is stacked. Don't think for a minute it's not. As a technology professional responsible for securing office networks, workstations, and servers from viruses, spyware, adware, Trojans, and other malware infections, I can tell you that the situation is only getting worse.” Luckily, computer assistance is available and to get you started here are some quick tips in preventing computer viruses.


Install Quality Real-Time Anti-Spyware Protection

There is a common belief that free anti-spyware is sufficient in the prevention of viruses and spyware. Unfortunately, free anti- spyware applications lack in providing real-time protection from adware, this leaves the user vulnerable to Trojans, and other spyware infections. In many cases the free software is capable of detecting the spyware once it has already infected the system. However, to remove the spyware it will require the user to purchase the fully paid and licensed version.

Do Your Homework: Find A Quality Antivirus Program

Every day we witness an increasing number of viruses and frankly the software that comes with your computer will not keep up with these.  Typically they don’t provide adequate protections and fail to scan as often as needed. It is suggested that Windows user consider purchasing Pro-grade antivirus programs. Ultimately, these programs update more frequently, protect against a wider variety of threats, and they also enable features which lower grade software cannot.

Disable Autorun

Auto run enables viruses to install themselves to a drive and provides a bridge allowing the virus to install itself onto other media devices. This leaves external hard drives, networking drives, and even thumb drives at risk. Microsoft Knowledge Base articles 96771 and 967940 aide users in disabling the autorun option.

Perform Daily Scans

At times, virus and spyware threats pass by a systems proactive engine and infect the system. Daily scans are key to detecting, isolating, and removing infections. Overall, daily scans of a systems entire hard drive adds additional layers of protection to your system.

Disable Image Previews In Outlook

Prevent against automatic infection by disabling image previews in Outlook. By default, newer versions of Microsoft Outlook do not automatically display images. But if the default security setting has changed you can switch it back (using Outlook 2007) by going to Tools | Trust Center, highlighting the Automatic Download option, and selecting Don't Download Pictures Automatically In HTML E-Mail Messages Or RSS.

Avoid Clicking On Attachments Or Email Links

You can avoid clicking on links by manually entering the information in question into your browser. Most users are aware not to click on links or attachments even when they are sent by someone you know. We often laugh and witness this when our social networking friends account keeps telling you to buy a product or visit a website. Then finally your friend realizes they been hacked and you get a mass apology sent out. You don’t want to be that person save yourself the embarrassment and avoid clicking on the links. At the very least scan them for viruses first.

The techniques listed above are helpful and useful in preventing headaches. Even with the best preventive techniques you might find yourself thinking, "I need help with my computer." Thankfully, there are friendly technicians at LA PC Fixer Computer and Laptop Repair. You can reach them at 310.751.6555.

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